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tive one, but it appeared that it might come on at any time, as the result of some

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rheumatic. The first group must be treated for a disturbance of nutri-

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membrane of the duodenum, about the orifice of the duct; the ductus communis

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Art. VIII. — Case of Partial Occlusion of the Os Uteri, during the third

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The vascularity, then, of these appendages to the choroid is evident.

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room; he directly faced the light, also at the distance of four or five feet from the

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certain of the guests. These were evidently highly appreciated by the

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vents, or moderates inflammation by diminishing the size of the arteries,

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him reasonably well to handle these functions. The ;

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freed from prussic acid is still a violent poison. The experiments which are men-

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crude tubercles of the lungs and of the lymphatic glands agree." Dr.

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have been reported to show improvement in some studies but not in others. The

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fere with the speech and deglutition. M. Robert made an' incision over Wharton's

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had coma, or any sign of cerebral disturbance. I did not elevate the bones. A

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will do this, the uncomfortable problem that still exists is that cancer is a silent

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ment he has found the best in confluent small-pox, is one general blood-

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latter is accomplished with greater violence and produces more inflammafion.

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spp., Corynebacterium diphtheriae, Bacteroides spp., ‘j

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recollected, that in the treatment of local inflammations, blisters are only auxiliary

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ficient for the copious development of these effluvia, forests are thought to do harm

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minute in lancinating stabs, and toward evening the feeling of constriction in

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epithelial cells have frequently been mistaken for those of cancer, even by histo-

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— Your reference committee approves this report with

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for service, institutional costs, peer and utiliza-

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