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of stairs six feet, the head striking upon a stone. Right parietal bone was de-
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to be undertaken. There is always danger in opening the abdomen. He
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theses were accepted as reliable — nay, even as scientific. What has not
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to meet soon after with causes of mental excitement, she experienced the premo-
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Where, by digital palpation of the gland and microscopic examination of
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is some confusion at this time as to whether the Oc-
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the focus of the microscope, having lacerated it, you see that it is composed
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a wineglassful of a solution of Epsom salts with magnesia in the morn-
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inch from the cervix, and are, consequently, in the field of operation. Dr.
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of which it is susceptible, in various departments of practice, is far from having
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on some vague general principle, would, if more circumstantially detailed, exhibit
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during her illness did she complain of chills, and they were very slight.
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Dr. H. a. Bruce (Tor., '92) has returned to Toronto, after spending a
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no morbid changes. The appearance of the liver was remarkable. It
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This advice is given on the ground that the healthy one is liable, in its
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and will be given pursuant to an action taken by the
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10. Rosomoff, F[. L.: Bilateral percutaneous cervical
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If possible, the child should be brought up in the country, or better still,
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tion to the use of the lancet. That it may have been found beneficial in
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To increase the mode and depth of involvement of the
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tion of both, yet their localities, and other circumstances in relation to their
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constantly much less sugar than the day urine, and is often quite free
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cal, showing the presence of the bacillus of tuberculosis when its dis-
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author says there is little or no doubt in his mind that such a result could
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an election year — all seats in the General Assembly
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of the Indiana Hospital for the Insane, exhibits the condition of that institution at
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A new method of treating tubercular peritonitis with exudation, by
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with exuberant granulations at a third, and exhibiting a tendency to heal at a
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structure. It lies in the left auricle, attached to the auricular wall by a

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