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the second sound of the hearty and is audible at the same period of the heart's action.

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the objectives of these two committees are not similar, ■

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tion, the disorderly acts of the nervous system are restored to order; on

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of glycerine injections into the uterus for the purpose of producing prema-

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and elevated. Skin rough. Had blue pill and laxative injections and

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blood oozing from beneath its margins. I at once removed the clot, and

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do opium or its salts, hydrate-chloral, hyoscyamine, Indian hemp, bella-

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The tongue being clean and red, or covered with a dirty brown fur, tremu-

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improve myocardial perfusion. As the constantly im-

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shall make recommendations to the Council and shall

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ing were the appearances observed: decubitus dorsal; face slightly flushed;

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be immersed in a cold bath at least once a day, or be freely sponged with

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the treatment of eclampsia at the Eleventh International Medical Congress

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died. This was of course a disappointment, but it is an incident of life in

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Dr. Wrighttt thus expresses himself in relation to the formation of

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under the age of 30 are of the translocated type as

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eased" and "deformed," being acephalous. It occurred in the practice of

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but one pound. By a reference to the "abstract," I find there was flood-

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importance of ophthalmic medicine, and we wish some one of equal ability would

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tral board has always been to curtail their powers and diminish the num-

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perforated piston, so that the testicles might be kept at the bottom of the

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The mass is divided into cakes and baked by a gentle fire.

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sunny valley, with the picturesque village of Interlachen, the lakes of

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its efficacy see also a paper by Dr. Cahill (in the Diihlin JournaU for

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and then evaporate down. The best test was the iodic test.

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