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deposit. Dieffenbach caused the absorption of this gristly matter by rubbing the
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pointed out the existence of two orders of elementary tubes in the nerves of animal
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word “the” the words “the Treasurer.” Section 3 of
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A German lately came to London, who professed to cure cases of constipation
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120, weak. It was intended to wait a few days before operating, to see if
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ment succeeded. He then tried to infect the child with
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of the thinness of the tube, or rather the thinness of its covering, and its
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authors of high repute in the science and art of obstetrics ; and, while we are
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attenuated, and apparently in the act of giving way. On examination after death,
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■}■ Treatise on Diseases of the Chest. t Researches on Phthisis.
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cedures on the foot and leg, which, in fact, are often
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(2) Peritonitis puerperalis (eight abortions, twelve deliveries at term,
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the amount and nature of the urine, the character of the lesion for which
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ordered vaginal douches of carbolized solution (i in 40) as hot as could
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which are added short Notes on Diet. By George Chaplin Child, M. D., Physiciari
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their ability to distinguish right from wrong, and for this purpose have questioned
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deductions, when called upon to decide in emergencies of a similar cha-
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to Manchester University after which he entered gen-
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family constellation and the role of each individual
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School and Hospital ; Gynecologist to St. Mark's Hospital in New York
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and the finger so armed is introduced into the vagina, and is carried over its whole
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It has been used successfully in chorea. Dr. Babington says : "In St.
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before Parliament, apologized for his unintentional error, and immediately
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drawing out the ptyregium from the globe. In this way we have succeeded in
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substantial building was erected. It was deemed expedient and economic
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trace. An admixture of blood with the pus, or of blood serum coming

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