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forded by the state of the eye, will be a sufficiently good guide.

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be pushed beyond a reasonable trial. Care must be taken not to use too

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bility, have denied the pregnancy, which she does not to this day. But

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an inch of the ligature — a little healthy pus under the plasters; pulse much im-

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and the insufficient action of the ejaculatory ducts.

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centre of the foramen rotundum is internal to the centre of the foramen

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the former certainly seems to give the patient more ease, and, although not

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Gerdy read to the French Acad, of Medicine, May 25th, an interesting paper of

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be taken merely to refresh, exercise and consequent reaction should be

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the pale of the circulatioa and consequent nutrition, &c.: 2d. In a chemical man-

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in bilious fever, and rarely extending even to the temples. There are, also,

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The certificate of accreditation has meant that the institution has voluntarily

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bands, or volvulus, and yet there is a possibility that there may be simply

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general consensus of opinion among such visitors that they were attending

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medicamenta saepius ; quibus id quoque accedit quod longo spatio deti-

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action of more or less intensity ; and it is in order to restrain this reaction

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is one to every two hundred and seventy-third case. This shows a proportion much

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December 12th, 1886. The case was one of endometritis, complicated

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from my mind. There is no doubt now, judging from the subsequent

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the total is always less than the sum of its parts; the

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But again. It is urged that the inflammation of the stomach and the

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"marvellous health of the country," and the large number of physicians who

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Intra-uterine irrigation in endometritis purulenta, without disturbing

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mucous membrane of the uterus. Probably they then exist in a very undeveloped

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able reduction of temperature, profuse perspiration, and an increased flow of

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