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mencement of 1846 it had enlarged so considerably that she became anxious for
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there was not a single symptom indicating acute inflammation of the brain,
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was called, who administered extreme unction, declared her almost dead,
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five or six inches broad, soaking through the cover into the mattress
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for so long a tinrje in utero, that not only the bones of the cranium, but the bones
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should induce an over excitement of one or more of the functions, which being
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dose prescribed was from one to three grains, generally mixed with cream of
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the same precaution, the same careful technique, and with instruments
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some cases we have a blueness of the surface, especially of the fingers,
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larity of the iris, the membrana pigmenti, and the separation of the ciliary
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Baynard were warm advocates of cold water; with the former it began to
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stitial space. And as one drop attenuated to the twenty-fourth power
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fluence has also demoralized many people, especially
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grant creates a Georgia Experimental Medical Care Review Organization
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Susquehanna, during the summer and fall previously. This yielded in a
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occasional radiation into the hand. Frequently, the
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rule are present in the child after six months of age,
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mosis. On the seventh day, the knee was restored to its ordinary size, atid but
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conditions of these male urinary fistula are of the same character as the vesico-
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passive movement and massage. As examples of this treatment and its
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only one of its principal methods. What is hydrotherapy? — It is to
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Of the nine presentations with botli feet, three were disposed of in the
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Pulsation stronger on 23d. By 22d Oclol)er tumour had diminished one-third, was hard, and
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Rabun helped spearhead the activities there. Mr. Bill
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were longitudinal ; they were five or six inches in length, and several lines

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