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(6) In puerperal endometritis combined with vaginal inflammation,
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tion and recommends that it he received for informa-
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remains then the albuminous condition of the urine: and, notwithstanding what
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their origin to a changed state of the blood, belongs the so called purulent poison-
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edly in that it has been given an unwarranted impli-
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wounded it exerted a decidedly pernicious influence, and no doubt contributed, in
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this manoeuvre, the portion of integument, being quite removed from the original
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nent. Nascuntur maxime in cervice ; sed etiam in alis et inquinibus, et in
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V. The Wet Sheet — Wet Compresses. — The process of envelopment
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than a bean was left behind, not any menstrual or sexual changes what-
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Art. XXII. — On Diseases of the Skin. By Erasmus Wilson, F. R. S., Consulting
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had been continued, and the patient had remained in a state of complete and un-
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astringents. The dose for a child of two years is one-fourth of a grain
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children with Down’s Syndrome at some times during
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stinctively work both for the present and for the fu-
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the strongest and he gave it to him, believing that he wanted it for chemical pur-
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however, that in normal cases the vaginal mucus is strongly acid. The
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of therapy, it should be emphasized, is necessarily
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The 2d day she took the pills, and the 8d, salts again. The inflammation
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ducing clinical hypothyroidism or thyroid enlargement and at
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textures through which they had been introduced. Little benefit resulted
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fohowing, which constitutes the chapter on Malignant Ulceration of the Colon.
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Case I. — This was a little boy about four years old. He was attacked
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New York, (see this" Journal for Oct. 1839, p. 252,) and another has recently
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their resources, to experiment anew, with the effect of confirming discoveries, and
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sicians entering specialty and subspecialty fields. -
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opii, aa, ,lss. — M. ft. linimentum. The tumour had increased three-fourths
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The next disease which we shall consider as isopathic with scrofula, is
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brane lining the Fallopian tubes, and below, at the neck of the uterus, it is united
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delphia, with the reports of the several committees presented to the latter body.
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Sections 2 and 3 as Sections 1 and 2 of Chapter VIII.
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be refilled only on specific instruction of physician. In treating
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