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in the affirmative. That it was not secondary to tuberculosis of the tubes
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taken to the Rochester city hospital, where extension and counter-extension
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line degeneration of the red blood corpuscles ; a degeneration which does
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giving that board disciplinary power, for protection of
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The suppuration extended the whole length of the wound, as high as the
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ences of southern climates better than the natives. " It is true/' says Dr. Nott,
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for their work, the speaker went on to consider the etiology of the disease.
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This danger is incalculable. Even the most circumstantial statistics can
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very long and exceedingly interesting evening session.
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for some days previously the whole extremity had been much swollen, the swell-
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gests that the induction of abortion at the 4th or 5lh month, when the head of the
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than a mere coincidence. The opposite fact is equally striking, viz., that
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Pathology as She is Wrote. — The following, under the caption of
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Schein, M.D., Senior Investigator of Solid Tumors, National Cancer Institute.
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of the country ; they are protected from winds by the multitude of houses, and
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pathology of the disease, we shall quote somewhat extensively from the general
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low of the College of Physicians, &c. &c. The Drawings on Stone, by J.
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Principles of Human Physiology, with their chief applications to Pathology,
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caution, and with due regard to all contra-indications ; among which should be
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Matera Medica, must do good service in promoting this object. It should be
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the end of three months the hair was growing vigorously, and no new
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culation. In fevers, when the heat is steadily above 98° F. with dry skin,
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including those more recently added to the list, such as methylene blue, der-
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an officer of the Association and a voting member of
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ing all the apertures by which the viscera can escape when one is called to treat
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useful extract of the vermiform appendix of the wombat, one of the very
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is employed by the Foresters, or any other society, as a physician
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of alcohol malnutrition is a frequent complication.
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Schwann " is the insulating covering of the nerve proper, and is necessary
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or eroded veins that a direct communication between the purulent centre and the
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practised early and freely to be successful. The effects of rabies have

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