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ing his previous knowledge in this matter, his recent researches had brought to

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Chapel of the University, before the Lyceum of Natural History of New York,

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ounce from first to last was taken by the rabbits; rather less l^y the other animals.

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preferably for a longer period, and finally filtered.

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cause of certain dislocations of the patella; and M. Malgaigne has very truly

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tween 6 and 9 P. M. ; though it may be used at any time under the re-

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ease, which we regard as being perfectly distinct: these are, first Scrofula,

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an erroneous one, the anastomoses being so free in the enlarged state of

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lominal pains, hepatitis, diarrhea, anorexia, pancreatitis and

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sensorial or nervous irregularity, increased frequency of pulse, increased heat, and

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intestinal mucous membrane, inflamed through compression by the gravid

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work, presents a very accurate exposition of everything known in relation

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whole length. The wire was now separated from the loop of the thread

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which most women manifest to answer, when inquired of about the sub-

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record, urine very high-coloured ; face pallid ; tongue brown, cracked, dry

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femoral vein; from the middle third of the thigh down to the opening through

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present. Except for the hearing deficit neurological

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unless there was reason for it ; and this could be readily ascertained if the

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earliest possible time after the appearance of angina

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on board the Eclair, was, in the opinion of Dr. Mc William and the medical

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Committee on Obstetrics. — Dr. Harvey Lindsly, D. C, Chairman; Drs. G. C. M.Ro-

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Had taken the calomel and antimonial powder through the day, and is to

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