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the whole cortical part is converted into a granulated texture, and there

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greater depression. The incidence of false positive

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and the air-tubes, and lungs, and other organs, were sound.

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was very tardy in learning to hold up his head, to stand, and to walk. The

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depression, or from some physical difficulty or obstruction.

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of approximately 300 microns in diameter, and their

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to the specialist. Basic clinical skills augmented by

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epidemic to its maximum intensity, and its more or less gradual decline

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product it is helping to create; in fact are more like-

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over, that is, increased formation and resorption® is

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before us, that too much attention cannot be given to promoting the action

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1st. Never to exhibit the ether vapour without having previously auscultated

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of the epididymis; and how far curable some of the cases of obliteration may be,

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the bar frequently in order to receive morphine, pen-

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ment in the patients' appetites, some being constantly hungry. The

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ease, and attended always with less risk, is the warm or tepid bath. The

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ache for the previous three weeks, the pain of varying intensity, and for a

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cessively poor, and already suffering in health in consequence of the dis-

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therewith. It is not the sort of a book that is likely to become popular with

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by the manifest causes of ulceration and gangrene, while in others, they insidi-

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Peruvian bark, for which purpose, they repair to the extensive Cinchona woods.

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Its value in the diagnosis and progress of coronary artery

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congestion, relieve the dyspnoea, and stop the cough. Nicely finished

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tures are eminently adapted to our purposes. The threads are cut close to the

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ing surface of a placenta, except that the colour was almost black. The

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