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removed causes do not exist to the same extent in any other part of the
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unclean instrument or punctured wound of the finger, but by far the most
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leaping before and after it. M. Trousseau, speaking of the restoration of
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the presence of tuberculous matter, or a curdy, cheese-like secretion, which owes
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this last is impracticable ; in cerebral aflections, in traumatic inflammation,
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a consultation fee in addition to his ordinary visiting fee. Many physi-
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'• The ovum freely traverses the Fallopian tubes, and penetrates at once into
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more cautiously employed than hitherto, it will not be long before many disastrous
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resume his work on Monday morning without the loss of an hour's time.
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corpuscles, as they are contained in the clot, yield a fatty matter combined with
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with a tendency to the tabular form, and of a distinctly columnar structure. To-
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1. Reynolds, Jack: The “Fallen Fragment Sign” in the
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* The Kephalepsalis of Dr. Campbell appears to me to be an instrument prefera-
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netic propensity for the disease may be necessary in
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that between the different inmates and attendants who were taken, and the dura-
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noxious odour, at the same time, that its properties as a manure would be rather im-
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when we reflect on the numerous fatal consequences attending the use of this
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charge of most laborious and self-sacrificing duties. It is unnecessary for the
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heat; he seemed to swim in water of 100° to 110° F., which ofl*ered no
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intestine itself is softened, yielding strips from one to two lines in length.
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temperature ran from 100° to loif, and once to 102° ; pulse from 92 to
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that as soon as the secretion of urine commences, there is a necessity for its
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which were undoubtedly oil globules from a beginning fatty degeneration.
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influence of ether, at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, in the month of March, it was ob-
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candle, or a few solar rays, a red lurid glare, like that from a dull coal fire, is ob-
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Mr. John F. South, in a postscript to his edition of Chelius's Surgery, observes :
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J. M. Duff, Pittsburg ; (16) The Cause of the Thirst following Abdominal Sec-
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Cholecyst-duodenostomy and Gastro-enterostomies by Aid of

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