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says : " These seeds (that is, of unorganizable matter) are generally known

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would be desired here; and, finally, he has pointed out such modifications of

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C. J. Hastings, Price Brown, E. E. King, T. J, McMahon, J. A. Harrington,

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a great tragedy for an infant with mild retardation or

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F. W. Hodgins, Lucan ; L. Hogg, London ; W. Hird, Uxbridge ; G. V. Harcourt,

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Many cutaneous inflammations are loosely called carbuncles, when

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bone; the earthy, when the periosteum was removed, not having the usual

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a powerful tonic for those able to bear it ; it excites the cutaneous circulation,

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cavities communicate the less will the circulation be impeded.

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of oil was directed, to place the alimentary canal in as jejune a state as

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plicaUons. The authors observed 1 1 deaths in 20 albuminuric women.

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type or species which are isopathic the one with the other. The proto-

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Dr. McKechnie, the partner of Dr. Hall, in Victoria, recently returned

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order to do a complete operation. Many ovaries had been unnecessarily

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did suppuration occur. In many cases where patients were unable to

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the Medical Association of Georgia forthwith contest

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danger of hernia. The making of the incision was very important

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ligature to the arteria innominata, shows that the impetus of the blood has

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amined, and an opinion expressed that the movements of the glottis in the vocal-

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used the expression, " Everything that is useless is dangerous," but it has

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Orleans, Charleston, and Mobile, ample opportunities of studying the

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rapidly. Should one application not produce a sufficient result, others

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prominent part in the pathology of scrofula has been ascribed.

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