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individuals, 79*93 per cent, of those examined ; that in more than tvi^o-
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it was truly said that the attractive were intoxicating, and the unintoxicating
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doned. The patient died on the twenty-third day after it.
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The Missouri Medical and Surgical Journal. Edited by Thomas Barbour, M. D.,
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less and odorless powder of a greenish-yellow color. When used as a
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nical offices of filling up spaces that would otherwise be left vacant during the
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Artery, as bearing upon the treatment of Cardiac and Pulmonary Diseases." It
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which has led anatomists to term this part of the eye the canal godronne.
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pose of arresting the slight hemorrhage. The only dressing used was a
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not to his possessions, but subtract from the sum of
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vented that volatile bases are never found in the bulbs.
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cardiagram prior to testing. Contraindications to testing include; 1) History of
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to reproduce itself in about twenty minutes. By a repetition of this pro-
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at New Orleans, which has been confided to W. F. Vredenburgh & Co., an exten-
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are the symptoms of this disease as laid down by him in the third edition of his
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nerve, it is impossible to make a definite section of the first division with-
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connected with a certain physical conformation, that many of our ablest
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rays of light must fall directly on his face; all rays passing laterally off his head
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moral character of those in whom insanity has been induced by the gratification
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M. Schloesing will contiuue his investigations. — Comptes Rendus, December 21,
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hurried and wheezing', thirst urgent, throat swollen externally, and degluti-
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“Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the AMA. the
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remained pervious; none of the other viscera presented anything abnormal. —
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vegetative vital phenomena, the laws of growth, change and decay, as well as the
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rapidly from hospital to hospital in Germany, France, Great Britain, Amer-
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1846, p. 438. As in the former publications, the principal vessels only are given,
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