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they were not used after a fashion of which Mr. Lister would approve :

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fever, small-pox, and typhus fever, and to show that " the word ' out-

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the kind of scrutiny to which I subject my heart cases, will not, I

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and it will not do to argue that there is no increase of vitality, but

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and I'hysiology, Comparative Anatomy, Materia Medica aod Pharmacy, Pathology;

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between the fluctuations of disease and even the lesser variations of the

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place, the difficulty of arriving at a satisfactory conclusion as to the

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Dr. Althaus shewed a very neat and portable Machine made by

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a conduit which comes directly from the mountains, serves for all

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the cicatricial tissue. The child had greatly improved in health as the

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The resolution was put from the chair, and carried amidst hearty ap-

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In external and intero-external piles, there are — if not seen sufficiently

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James Paget, Esq., F.R.S., President, in the Chair.

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by the closure of the mitral valve— the sudden eclipse of a culminating

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endorsement ; if he had, he would have made a push to have got there

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1S41. Terms Cash. Removed from 7= Great Russell Street, corner of Bloorasbury Square, W.C.

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sulting surgeon for the whole of the Mannheim hospitals. The work

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wards always affected the external fragment, the internal being held in

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which physicians are called upon to treat would have some light thrown

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received were derived from taxes drawn out of the pockets of the indus-

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Natural Philosophy, including Mechanics, Hydrostatics, and Pneuma-

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entrusted to Mr. Atchley. There is no change in the staff of the

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rious for investigation, it is a simple fact that the phenomena can be

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Latterly, the patient had been obligedto rise twice during the night to

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tribute to Impede the Progress of Scientific Medicine and Surgery.

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taries of the Branches. [Applause.] If the Branches would urge their

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ranged in a double row, each hut being separated from its neighbours

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even in common words, spoke volumes as to deficiency in early train-

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