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sterilize needle, and from this first tube inoculate a second tube ; and from
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by the following conditions: (1) injury to the nutrient artery of the
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6. The patient must be seen within twenty-four hours after apply-
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tric secretion. This is most apt to occur in those suffering with chronic
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motion of the right thigh. There is no sense of numbness or formication
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exists, iuvmoptysis is not infrccpicnt. The pyrexia has no regular or typ-
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Styptics should never be used to arrest hemorrhage until all other
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osteopathic methods. Should nature show an effort at arresting the
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edge, most reasonable, may be called a diaphoretic and expectant plan, the
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days, it is due to the intensity of the pysemic poison. If later, it depends
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ToNSiLiTis. — Inflammations. — Retrophary'ngeal Abscess 247-251
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him in dissecting a sn 'ject who died of hernia attended the same day five midwifery cases in all.
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ratus, airy degree of extension can be obtained. For hospital use, this
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induce free diaphoresis, and let the patient drink freely of diluted muci-
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The development of ptomaines by bacterial growth has already been con-
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tial (lia^niosis between it and fibrous i)hthi6is is diflicult. A localized
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Physical Signs. — The phj^sical signs of empyema are essentially the same
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inasmuch as we must depend upon the system to get rid of the micro-
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The predisposing causes of tuberculosis are (1) heredity. By heredity
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intestines, but when it is developed in the small intestine and transverse
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and extreme exhaustion with giddiness, headache, and ringing in the ears.
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superior spinous process of the left ilium crosses the free margin of the
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black. There is generally great pain and a continued fever. If the
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year or eighteen months is the average duration. After rupture the pa-
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readily, and, with the pain, is the first well-marked sign of the obstruc-
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material in the follicles of the gland, then a goitre is formed.
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cardiac impulse is so slight that the motion is not perceptible, unless the
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depends upon variations in size, elevation, and grouping of the papules.
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wall of consolidated lung-tissue which separates the pleura from the cavity,
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club-shaped than that of the T. solium. The neck is very short. The
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to the vermiform appendix, or an independent inflammation of the appen-
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possible to distinguish this murmur from that of a pulmonic stenosis.
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glottis ; these swellings, after meeting in the centre, with a sulcus between
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to cholaemia, but I have found the jaundice in inverse proportion to the
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sides of the abdomen, and gradually extends over the whole anterior portion
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sion inconvenience, for it is always associated with hyperplasia of the arterial
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scapula is crowded forward with them. As a general rule, with the
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greatly complicating the case ; in one instance the cystitis was accompa-
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5. Sloughing Ulcer. — This is a severe form of ulceration. It is more
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arterial tension and blood-flow. "When part of the renal parenchyma
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the use of drainatre tubes in such cases, are fully discussed by Mosler iu the October number of the Bcr.
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