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woodcuts ; 556 pages. Philadelphia : Lea Brothers & Co.
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evaporate, and testing residue for morphine, with negative result.
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Board in 1857. After this he practised one year at Laskey, King township,
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of form, from the mildest to the most malignant; that it may prove fatal in
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been surprised at the speed with which it arrests the severe spasmodic fits of
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al health insurance have come to a halt after six gruel-
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" After a sojourn of two months on the Abdenberg, she was able to walk,
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mottled, dusky yellow colour; and the scrotum, ears and extremities are
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white, like casein, instead of yellow, as is usually the case. Drilling was
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warded a specimen of the blood to him in the above case, which he was
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Extract, being a much more concentrated preparation and of uniform strength, re-
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than an hour, notwithstanding that not more than an inch and a half of
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toma were noted in one male ward in the Kenyatta National Hospital of Nairobi,
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It may be worthy of notice in this connection, that all sedatives of the
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vented by such remedies as prevent the return of epileptic fits or agues? In an-
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it is well known that, in a very considerable proportion of instances of cyanosis,
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requires that its potential benefits be weighed against its
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only to Italy, and still less to Germany ; though he was not, like Vesalius,
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of Georgia. Further, approximately 1.2 million dollars
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along the triceps muscle to within five or six inches of the elbow-joint ; a
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chronic laryngitis which received no relief from medicine. A suspicion that the
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3. Report of the Superintendent of the New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane, for 1846,
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the new Hall County Medical Society Constitution and
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known patients to complain, under these circumstances, of distressing heat of sur-
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had been perfectly cured of these affections, 19 died tuberculous, and 15 non-
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preference indicated; if not, best substitute will be made.
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She took the solution of the salts again on the 20th, and also on the 22d,
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In these cases Grube allows potatoes at least twice a day in moderate

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