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spirits, and the evening went all too quickly. Vice-Chancellor Mulock graced

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nothing. A treaty made some years ago between Japan and China for-

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sistent efforts to repress various forms of charlatanism. We know that its

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Among the curious facts developed through statistical researches is that of the

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in its position as the ccecura is. and therefore its weight, when fully loaded, con-

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diversity of opinion exists, and even reports of experiments are so far at variance,

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has been a boon to teenagers. Of course the ancient

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"And besides all this, very serious consequences have already resulted from its

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pitals and physicians that will enhance patient care

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rence ; how far it may be in all cases independent of all local disease is

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chances for recovery in operations on the bladder for carcinoma are

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J. A. Rannie, Chatham ; A. Rupert, New Hamburg ; J. P. Russell, Toronto ; J.

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surface at the triangle of Petit (see Fig. i), which, as you know, has for its

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injected, presenting a dotted appearance on incision ; consistence normal;

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both upon the action of the uterus, and of the assistant abdominal muscles; its

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habits, and had lived in the same locality for eighteen years. He had

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secured by laparotomy in this affection have raised the question as to which

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aU the confused thinking of persons widely regarded

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draw absolutely certain conclusions. Even in the limited number of nor-

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in their diversity. A potentially important but poorly defined physiological role

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hemorrhage. [Legons Orales, torn, iv., p. 611.) A fifth operation was

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seven months' pregnancy, with a view of diminishing the size of the growth

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had been advocated previously by your delegation but

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than a century ago, was regarded as " chimerical, and opposite to the rules

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and spotted with vibices and petechise; profuse hemorrhages speedily ensue,

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neuralgia has been relieved in two patients, but both

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and to be nothing more nor less than true hydatids or acephalocysts, and

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tient for seven days, by injecting water ''(about 85 quarts) into his veins ;

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which occurs in the patients here in nearly every case just before the

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the House of Delegates, or in his absence, the Vice-

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M. D., Physician to the Westminster General Dispensary. London : John

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