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tion, the American Public Health Association, Medical
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which we can more highly recommend to the practitioner and student.
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power came to replace human muscular effort, start-
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sent. There is excess skin, especially on the back of
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The analgesia caused by this method of using cocaine attains its greatest
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tion in his hands for the control of uterine hemorrhage and reduction of
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To DO Justice.— Dr. Seth Scott Bishop, M.D., of Chicago, writes : "Will
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This lodge-doctoring rage is of far greater importance to the medical
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and caudate nucleated cells, exactly resembling those found in cancer, and acting
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attendant did await the result^ which result was occasionally of greater
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countenance, approaching to what is observed in tetanus, and which differs
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study of them is of paramount importance if success in treatment is desired.
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a man affected with an aneurismal tumour projecting above the sternum.
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our bandage and wool at the end of a few days — a week, at the longest — and
methycobal injection dosage details
touch, and reducible. As it returns into the abdominal cavity it gives a
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and had some sleep. Prescribed 2 grs. of calomel and 4 grs. of James'
methycobal injection dosage mcg
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This process is founded upon the strong affinity which exists between mercury
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as a simple, and in his experience, efficacious plan of treating dissection-wounds.
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^gency, Geo. N. Morany, 63 Yonge street. Subscription only. Volume
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sity; Douglas A. Ross, M.D., Ph.D., Research Staff of Oak Ridge National Lab-
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best field for the administration of caffein is in diseases of the heart
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For injections into the bladder, a catheter with a double channel is the
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versies. If the warfare be continued, we hope that better methods will
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hours the blood in both vessels was weighed — that which had been subjected to

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