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membrane is formed in about one-sixth of all the cases of this

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coccyx by the child's straining, which he did constantly. The

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for reciprocal gratulation our own — a time when the oath of fealty

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in whom evidencies of virginity are found. He also affirms,

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This is not the first instance in which the arguments of the writer have

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the N. Y. Hospital, December 12th, 1853, with a dislocation of the

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Matilda, a negress, servant of Mrs. Laura Bearden, of this city, married,

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From our present knowledge upon this subject we may look

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ive ventilation, chills, heat, thirst, state of the pulse, condition of the

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commonly supposed, as I have previously stated. Casein lumps

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Escherich says : '^ If albuminous decomposition with very

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of it as a whole. But it is not proposed to sever the department from the

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sion of the passions and emotions of the mind, may be

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will do, when, from any cause, urine accumulates within its cavity

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inspection and treatment to the local injury, as the splints

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be forbidden in some cases. In amylaceous dyspepsia, with or

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which have been boasted against it. — [Med. Times and Gaz.

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relation of organs and tissues. The convex surface of the foetus,

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the other case, eight hundred drops to an ounce, was about the

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Flewellen and R. Q. Dickinson ; 3d District, Drs. D. W. Hammond and

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professional arena, bearing down by their numerical force the few

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within its margin. From this point, it continued, by a broad

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many of these progress to tertiary lesions with the possibility of

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the tongue, gurgling in the ileocoecal region (often with ten-

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tributed ; secondly, that of a motor nerve for certain muscu-

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tion of cocaine and adrenalin, either liquid or in the

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In fever it is extensively used by the Thompsonians, and is the active

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was as large as it would be at seven months utero gestation ;

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the trouble already begun, and is one of the conditions, not

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tion, a period of the same length, when she has enjoyed firmer

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otherwise, either "the nature or character" of the disease, if by the

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4. In the treatmont of Croup, this Homcepath directs the following formid-

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trachea ; in such cases intra-tracheal ether may be

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cause, the pain is very severe, and the inflammatory

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arguments in the arrival at this conclusion ; there was no half-way period

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