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events cannot possibly have any relevance for us to-
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artery. It was afterwards ascertained by M. Boyer, that no such disease
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false-positive tests for urine albumin have been reported.
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Here, then, was our poshion. A case was before us in which we knew that ordi-
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hundred cases of women aseptic at the period of labor. He claims to
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invitation, which is being widely distributed, to a demonstration to be held
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Congestion, therefore, in this limited sense, is simply a phenomenon of irritation.
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after the expulsion of the child, and spoke about her labor being more
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bittersweet are irritants (which I by no means do), the symptoms would
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(The House subsequently approved the Foundation re-
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careful microscopic examination are recommended frequent
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instructions to have the toe cleansed and a piece of sheet lead inserted under
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formed ring of sclerosis about the lesion, there is no
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another outlet in that direction. I also found bare bone at the angle of
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Topics to be discussed include: “Selection of Treatment for Head and Neck
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disease, cardiac degeneration, or senile weakness. Influenza is certainly a
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resulting thrombocytosis adds to the already present
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encourage the activities of various county medical so-
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pable of passing through an aperture one or two lines smaller in some of its di-
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the opium, I then resort to the use of the iodide of potassium, in medium
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based courses “miss the mark” of educational needs
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appearance. This was now much more severe than at any previous period,
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" 2d. The preceding observations are still further justified by the fre-
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placed. The left side was more prominent than the right. The tumour
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tionally, but it probably isn’t happening in our locality. It certainly is not apparent
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this time attending with Mr. Carter, a patient, one amongst the pitiable many who
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Seasonal variations in hypoglycemic potency of Poterium
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the neck. On the fourth night a suffocative attack put an end to life. The dis-
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mands it; or the iodide of iron in syrup, in the dose of three or four grains daily
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preparation for the anesthesia itself, only a preoper-
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to-day; their eyes are heavy and want animation; gait staggering, and every now

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