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* Observations on the Convulsions of Infants. By J. North, p. 209.
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The diagnosis in this case is an interstitial fibroid, involving the right
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not for the time seriously interfering with the daily avocations of the sufferer,
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Prognosis.— -The prognosis in cholera infantum may be considered
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discussion before the next session of the Legislative Assembly, and
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quantity found in the blood, and in the several organs of this animal, was also
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probe nor force water through it. Dr. Fraser took some of the infiltrated
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Keen indicates that even in these cases one need not give up all hope.
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Dissection showed no vestige of sac remaining. Left carotid was obliterated from the bifurcation
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mittent type. Dr. Wood denies that venous congestion of the internal organs
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mainly to an excess of heat dissipation caused by the drug.
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of a new edition, that this has been much improved, and has the farther advan-
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of breaking up the adhesions. He believed in opening the abscess where
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which the Japanese were able to occupy the Korean barracks, and they
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sure of the head of the fcetus upon the cervix vesicae, without retention, so
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by puerperal fever; not, probably, however, on that account, as the patient
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motivation, and capability of the nursing personnel
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in the history of the people under our notice. Thus a common modus operandi for
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per to be pursued in each. Upon the subject of gangrene of the mouth
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through a germ-proof diaphragm under each of the feet, passing upward
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The patient had been in poor health for some months, and came of a dis-
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cally available as anaesthetics without producing irritation. First, as strong
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brought to me for the treatment of an eczema of the face and hands which
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Canada draws too largely upon the brain tissue of children, and materially
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The author next investigates the acoustic relations between the actions of the
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As a general rule, not more than ten or twelve tumblerfuls should be taken
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having suffered from chronic gonorrhcea is examined in regard to his
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ration the pulse was small and feeble, and in frequency 184. Gave patient
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screwed, the box is placed in an Arnold's sterilizer for two hours. The
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symptoms presented. The great weight of evidence was in favor of the
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is the source of danger, but he considers, that it is in the peculiar state of the
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Texas Sanitarian has forgotten its geographical i^hereabouts. Twenty-
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