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assimilalion of the albuminous principle, and often gradually run into one another.
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age. It would have presented a vitellary membrane invested with a re-
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of Trustees is under consideration and the designation
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an important operation, which w^as performed with rapidity and skill while he
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as the types of a large class of diseases, we may mention a case of phlebitis
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shall comprehend what takes place in the different kinds of vesico-vaginal fistula,
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nal excretory failure. Most likely she had bilateral
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isolated studies, however, the salvage rate can be as high as 75 per cent still using
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pointed out a pretty little girl sitting among the rest, idly turning over a
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of Guise. The patient was seated in a chair sufficiently low, the head being im-
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will be induced, and thus a troublesome and dangerous addition be made to the
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eral reporting directly to Congress, thus to some extent
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less inflamed throughout, of a dirty yellow colour, mottled or marbled with
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toms as were produced in this instance by the inhalation.
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The varying picture of the disease is probably due to differing biological
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the author of the " Liber Divisionum" have set up a printing press in the city
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but he should have as much nutritious food as will secure the supply of the neces-
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rank also the Greek and Arabic Elephantiasis, which, notwithstanding the
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with Dr.Nott's investigations. He has thrown out much valuable information from
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sidered as a motion on the floor and that if no dis-
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for her relief; it was followed by permanent subsidence of the tumour; and restora-
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had been included in the ligature. In No. 9, the vessel was secured to
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quantity of sea-moss, which often renders the landing difficult. It frequently hap-
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attempted to push the patella backwards by pressingthe internal border from without
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26. Stauffer, M. and Rich, C.: The direct action of
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But, above all, the burning question is. Does the removal of the uterine
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" I have already endeavoured to account for the malignant character assumed
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importance of distinguishing it from the latter. Whether, however, the

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