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by the delivery of the placenta, or, soon afterwards, by the use of opium

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Ontario Government for a Commission to hear arguments and to take

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of the Publications Committee has been a helpful and

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of the adhesions which bind it so firmly in the pelvis that attempts at

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by division of the anterolateral column of the spinal cord;

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was shown by experiments on two rabbits and a young fowl, to whom recently-

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It is expressly stated, {Gazette des Hopitaux, Sept. 24, 1842,) that the

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was put round the pedicle close to the uterus ] the end of the ligature was retained

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to the subsequent developing acts of the human embryo, as also the appa-

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capable of affording such blood. A sufficient supply of the ingredients necessary

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much the subjects of this deposit as those in whom tubercle has concen-

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ment, and the beautiful simplicity of the doctrine, " Heat is life, and cold

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resolute neighbor could give, and I have been so used to perform all the

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subjects of nerve strain, as a result of the tremendous activity of the age.

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irregularity continues, more or less, until the sounds intermit, and at length, after

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checking or retarding the irritation of the mucous coat, and blisters maybe applied

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are less likely to be followed by retention of urine than when the ligature is

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one of the most eminent practitioners of this city, recommends the use

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sweating in a blanket or wet sheet, set the "bad stuff" in motion towards

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Covent Garden, London ; or to Wiley & Putnam, New York; or W. D. Ticknor,

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The author believes the glycerin, in the above cases, caused decom-

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tory. It has not, however, satisfied Dr. Sangster. It may be that he is

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Council — even for curriculum purposes alone — after she has ceased to

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patient, for there can be no doubt of the greater liability of a womb in

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may be early indications ot serious blood disorders.

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for a considerable period it appeared to exert no salutary influence.

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