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before nor during gestafion, any false membrane, or hydroperionic fluid, and, con-

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arouse the angry opposition of the whole body of medical men in the

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does not give the relief that might be expected of it. Alcohol is of

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has recently gone to Philadelphia, where he will take a six months' post-gradu-

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pass. The Chiropractors, encouraged by their “near

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often carried away from the place where they were extricated to consider-

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absorption of the stagnant, or vitiated products as follows: the cellulo-vas-

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Part II. is devoted to "Urinary Diagnosis," and discusses fully all forms

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too few, species of the disease. Bayle was evidently deceived in consider-

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Louis, Missouri, during the years 1841, 1842, and 1843, 238 chiklren died

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means of retaining the uterus permanently in a natural position, relieving

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fat. In two cases he had found that the fat amounted to 50 per cent. It

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tion brought disgrace upon the whole of their society, and the body was disinterred

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be safely and easily reached, and that the operation afforded every promise of

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1847.] 'Wood.'s Treatise on the Practice of Medicine, 155

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being present, in the case of our patient, and all the external indications,

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reducing it to a pulp. Small intestine. — Duodenum moderately distended,

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belief that, under his administration, the usefulness and reputation of the Hospital

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from its edge, and close to the symphysis pubis. It is then passed

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The total number of patients that had been treated at the institution up

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Quack Nurses. — Quackery is contagious and widespread. There are

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as a fondness for gay colors, for pieces of calico, comparing and placing

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ment." Laennec:j: says, the " tubercles in the lungs differ in no respect

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believe that sufficient evidence of a satisfactory character has been offered in this

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pectorated with slight coughing four or five ounces of bright red coagulum. On

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and small, — in two or three minutes the skin became warm, the chest

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The president-elect, Dr. R. W. Bruce Smith, was then installed, and

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