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I treated him with systematic massage of the prostate, with the very satis-

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rics, or primarily in public health practice, or pri-

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at the cardiac end. The second case was that of a man thirty-two years

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or eight years that anything like uniformity of opinion as to the causes

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well be continuing as active contraceptors. During the

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ber of the council, the members decided, without any dissenting voice, to

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All items referred to this committee during the past

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1847.] Hallo well on Endemic Gastro-follicular Enteritis.

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should pronounce it to be one marked by great accuracy, and plain but

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possibility of the rash being due to an aperient enema.

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disorganization. The diseases dependent on the scrofulous constitution

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there was no tenderness of abdomen, or any sign of peritoneal inflamma-

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sixty grains a day. There is this general agreement on the administration of the

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the existence of such a disease, we extract the views of Dr. Stokes thereupon.

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pyemia, the seat of pus formation being supposed to be in the neighbor-

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the most interesting article which I have seen upon the subject is from the

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of venereal errors, to produce scrofula. — Lugol considers onanism rather as a sign

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Over-exertion in any way should be avoided. " Others may get tired and

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to the French and the Germans; and the credit of being the first on this side of the

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Case V. — A few days subsequently, another girl 8 or 9 years old, was

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Dr. Preston EUington congratulate each other on the suc-

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the two is extremely close, and has often led to a similar mode of treat-

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proved their absence in ordinary bronchial catarrh.

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Dissection showed no vestige of sac remaining. Left carotid was obliterated from the bifurcation

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ageable and therefore unresponsive to both the execu-

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and is not a mere fugitive result of some temporary cause."

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volume of transactions will convince any reader that it contains many members

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Does Dr. Bibby advise that the profession to which he belongs shall

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