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limited to these parts; in no instance did I notice them upon the face. Many of
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Dr. Nott presents some very interesting tabular statements, exhibiting the con-
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the Executive Director and chairmen of standing com-
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ing stage. After the perspiration has become " general and profuse, the
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motion for summary judgment made on that basis, and the Knights appealed to
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pable of passing through an aperture one or two lines smaller in some of its di-
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had no case in which the inflammation did not subside, if I could procure
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tion, before the child is allowed to return to school, should be forty days
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that a garlic odour, similar to that evolved from phosphorus, was produced by
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and they never look fairly at you; the man is timid, nervous, shuns society, and
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and the variance of opinion concerning its age would then find their pro-
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pain v/as not fixed ; sometimes it affected the frontal, sometimes the supe-
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or five times daily. Dr. Chapman advises the sulphate of iron under the
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amongst the rarest; there are actually only no or thereabout on record.
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t Icones Oculi Humani; Explicatio Fabulae quintae, Figura septima.
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the whole surface w^as thus excluded from the air, he produced acute in-
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be done vv^ith advantage. Injections of cold water, or iced water as the
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ing in the medullary rays rather than in the " labyrinth " areas, even
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children, chronic peritonitis or scrofula, the radical disorder is the same,
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which admits of diversity, yet this is not a valid reason for constituting them
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used the expression, " Everything that is useless is dangerous," but it has
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rapidly if the quinine be continued in a sufficiently large dose. M. Gouraud having
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Use cod liver oil, by all means, in your practice, if you like ; it is often
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'^For want of this simple mode of investigation, many physicians, I am con-
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disease, and in one placenta praevia. To stimulate uterine action at term
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Dr. Carstens advocated the repair of the cervix and perinaeum immedi-
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work can be looked upon as an authority. This Dr. Bigelow has done.
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their ability to distinguish right from wrong, and for this purpose have questioned
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^' Reading and writing we consider valuable auxiliaries for the comfort and

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