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well afflird. The sick ought not to be subjected to an unreasonable ex-
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quantity ; if withheld for a certain trme, vital action ceases, never to re-
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Ai. Grille presented two eyes, from the same subject, in both of which
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tinually changing, for many days, the temperature of the water to be
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them is said to be composed of a thin layer of cementum. Cementum con-
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THB BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Is published every Wednesday, by
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in animals are the parathyroid glands. In rabbits, cats, and dogs these
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The bad habitual writing posture, where one side only is put towards
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now considered as the first of the operating surgeons of Paris. M.
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numbers in diseased and filthy conditions of the oral cavity.
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My old friend Turner says, " I have heard a pleasant story of a mef^
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Erichsen recommends " an incision in the middle line from the upper
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do little good. All the voluntary muscles accessory to respiration are
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similar symptoms as operative procedure has several times conclusively
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occurred in a case of White's of Boston (37). Authors have described variations
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closed, and up to the present time, which is more than six months, has
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incision along the spine of the ileum, but this method renders it very
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quantity of air respired, and that of the blood circulating through the
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him to distinguish, readily, objects in the room. At the same time the
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the stomach in very i*ecent cases the mucous membrane is found to be red, and
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effects according to the secreting gland in which it arises. All these
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What does the Dn mean ?— that it is rational to sappose, if a womao
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These few cases are related simply to show that there is a possibility of
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year. Dr. Benedict Satterlee was appointed to the Pawnee Indian Sta-
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tbia stage supervene, nocwithstanding the remedial measures already em-
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or piece of cake which she may find, unless signs are made that she
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of a part or of the whole of the body which are rapidly repeated more or
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water has been found a very pleasant and excellent application to ulcers.
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females who are generally strong, as bad effects, such as uterine prolapses, have
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The growth on the surface of blood serum and glycerine agar is much more
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easy expectoration. In such cases, the dyspnoea is frequently veiy io-
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venesection, the patient was directed to take a full dose of calomel and
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tbe Philadelphia physicians believe it or not, it is nevertheless true, that
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Soda Water. — Excellent and refreshing as it is, an excessive use of it
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ployed to the danger from vapor, is the pouring hydrochloric acid upon
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auricle distended with coagula, and some also in the left ; no fibrin seen.
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such obvious signs of tertiary syphilis that the patient was at once ordered
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When given by the mouth the toxin is innocuous (Kansom, 1898 •
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aiel states, that pus is not foimd in rheumatic joints ; the very rare cases
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the loss of heat. If this constriction of the cutaneous blood-vessels be
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Peritonitis, from any cause except perforation, is best treated by opium,
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Opportunities will be offered for the observation of diseasesand their treatment In tiee Olspeasary
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though it is true that the arachnoid at the base of the brain exhibited in
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surrounding, anxious, sympathizing friends, may turn the scales in which
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tion, by the last census, 80,3!25. — A celebrated compounder of medicine,
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cut by the edge of the tire, as though a knife had been drawn over it,

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