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it, is their only chance for life that it is not surprising, though truly pitiful,

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magnitude of the suffering seems to exceed the actual amount of disease, and

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not likely to go to extremes, either in the direction of radicalism or fos-

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lerated on any trivial exertion ; tumour on tongue somewhat smaller and quite

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leaves; some vaginal discharge since morning, dark coloured, grumous and

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(6) Operation for their removal should be undertaken under an anaes-

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got well under free purging with salts and calomel.

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materials, without stopping to inquire who is to win the crown of immor-

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five days. The surrounding callosities must all have been carefully

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py to report both the Annual session in Atlantic City

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States is the lack of primary care physicians — physi-

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per of the lungs ; this stain was uniform, dark-coloured, without abrasion

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place before the reader whatever may be of interest, whether in the way

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At the end of twenty-four hours this was removed ; the wound was then

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The acid and bath with laxatives occasionally were continued, as also

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Radiographically, this most probably represents uni-

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exercised in opening chronic abscesses. 4th. '^ Phlebitis, or umbilical arteritis, in

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olence (e.g., the mother as the cause of schizophre-

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he has known a lividily and coldness of the extremities, equal to what are

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distress, headache, and difficulty of breathing, soreness of throat, &c.

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chiefly to mild gastrointestinal complaints. The rec-

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fully employed in this stage of structural disease, in the same way as if the secre-

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lief, — the cases were mostly the squamous forms. M. Devergie says, " that

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lation, only, but those, also, which act through the medium of the atmo-

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of soda, and chloride of potassium: and this last salt is never absent in the liquids

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first, that scrofula has frequently a tubercular origin ; secondly, that the

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informed the obstetric world as to the true source of puerperal septi-

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tion the report of the Committee on National Legisla-

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the effects of the galvanic action; so that it is probable the adoption of this method

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the building; but we will certainly not object to the scheme for any reason

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tually by rejecting, the past is the height of biologic

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