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advance of the Annual Session. The recipient of this

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origin in the trophic centres. In short, within the last twenty-five years

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voted to set aside an additional amount in escrow for

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I think no argument is required to prove that my operation was justifi-

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of the urine would often show the specific cause of the disease — biliary matter,

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adynamic symptoms set in, such as sunk visage, cold skin, dry tongue and lips,

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earache, with slight offensive discharge from the ears. First seen Oct.

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Chief co-sponsors were a former secretary of Health,

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patient. The bandage should not be left on too long, as atrophy of the

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antiflexed position while the ovaries and tubes are examined, and if dis-

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disposition to cholera is suspected, the occasional use of nutritious animal

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Dr. McCuUough, in reply, said that pearl barley did not come up to

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ticles were exposed. These were found partially evacuated of their con-

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C.E. proto P. = (Congenital) Erythropoietic proto Porphyria

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deed trying to solve problems and not grab headlines or grab higher political office

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of our knowledge, and of the results of general experience.

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the chronic discharge in my case, that I was compelled to have recourse to leeches

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phragm, prove that, where its canal is free, great deviation in the course of the pul-

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was not in condition to bear it, lost a great deal of blood. It was necessary

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that the dregs of the disease will be removed, and there will be less danger

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strong. There was a constant oozing of blood from the vulva. Through

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(3) The recurring earaches and pus discharges from the ear, per-

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don ; President Society for Study of Inebriety, etc. Third edition. 8vo.,

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ous and unearthly cries, and the most determined resistance at first to control.

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if either part be missing. The " Gallic boot of love," cited by Dr. O. W.

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