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In 1875 he was elected President of the American Med-

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As final apparatus, hollowed oiit gutter splints of iron wire

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only remained away from Birmingham a few months —

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Dr. Barber is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a

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by J. L. Coffiin, M.D., West Medford ; "The Treatment of

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We all continue to live, because we each possess a store of

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in the newly opened field of bacteriology, Dr. Wende returned to this

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almost continually, but had slept some during the night ; tem-

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that it is free from every contaminating influence, with no swamps

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nary organs are also admirable, and well deserve their place in a

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On Renal and Urinary Affections. By W. Howship Dickinson, M.D. Can-

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ment of Spasmodic Stricture of the Urethra, ' ' and before the Yorkville

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pulp, implies some cerebral complication ; lesions of the

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the form and growth of its supplementary organs (lungs, intes-

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Workhouse hospitals of New York City, and a young New York City

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indicated in its title ; namely, of all matters relating to cholera.

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special subjects for the year's work, were announced. From the

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turned to New York in 1884 and resumed his practice, and

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weasel, which, escaping from his cage, ran into her room while

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sioners of Charities and Corrections to return to accept

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will happen. The carbo-hydrates are next in importance to milk.

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by H. E. Spalding, M.D., Hingham ; "Differential Diagnosis of

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Dr. Haynes entered upon the practice of his profession in New

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ternational Medical Congress held in Washington, D. C, in 1887;

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Hospital Medical College, where he was again graduated

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study and experiment in various branches of medicine. In addition

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then took a full course of lectures at Columbia College, from whence

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bocker hospitals. In 1894 he was appointed chief medical examiner,

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double the interest. A man who was advised by his doctor to work in a garden for

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the inspection and transfer of cases to Riverside Hospital he gained

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table has supphed the few free or still adherent splinters,

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Besides the ordinary .systemic conditions attendant upon the angemia,

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tions, one of the more important of his published works being "Deci-

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deep-seated tubercle bacilli ; but in recent cases of slight extent,

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speaks thus enthusiastically, but we believe justly, of her :

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