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"which (still keeping on the plates) will begin to separate at the edges in four or

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be followed by salts and senna in the morning, in divided doses. Warm

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for their introduction. In two of these cases, I employed thread ligatures,

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infers that the attack takes place, or that the disease is developed at the

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his tongue, and found it comparatively what it ouaht to be, before hearing a re-

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(usually E. coli, Klebsiella- Aerobacler, Staphylococcus

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remains open, but protected by an efficient vaJve, it is clear that blood has tra-

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upon its employment. And, on the other hand, I have the strongest assurance

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ward as may appear on investigation to be due to him, as the discoverer of a dis-

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had never had a child and who had first experienced an erdargement of her left

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opia," F. Buller, Montreal ; " Eye-strain Headaches," J. H. Morrison,

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or myocardial infarction within five years. “ More-

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he referred to was the greater frequency of placenta previa in multipara

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restless delirium, a hot dry skin, flushed face, deep suffusion of the eyes,

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chest and abdomen of the child seemed quite soft and pliable, though not in so

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is not likely, however, that more than five old members will be successful

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'•The depression giving rise to congestion, may be general, or confined to a

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causes this pathologic oedema, contain the same amount of common salt

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a hot day, and, when discovered dead, they would pronounce it a case of

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brought to bear upon it. He had used the kangaroo tendon buried stitch

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granules or miliary tubercles may be observed singly or in groups, situated

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the legislature. The committee feels that such efforts

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difficult to effect delivery on account of the condition of the fcetus — the abdomen

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or to land, and he died on his return to Boa Vista, just as they were enter-

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and the original medicine uniformly divided, the proportion of the

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20th Jan.) a case of prolapsus of the cord, in which he had succeeded in saving

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proposes to accomplish this by covering denuded peritoneal surfaces with a

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