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a wineglassful of a solution of Epsom salts with magnesia in the morn-

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yond doubt the need for physicians to stay in close touch with their elected repre-

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patients with a positive test, 45 had abnormal coro-

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which, considering the desperate nature of his case, was certainly remarkable ;

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more or less translucent appearance, which increases until it becomes so

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— In this very interesting paper, which was read to the Med. Chirurg. Soc. of

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not very sensibly elevated at these points, nor abraded at all. Some of the

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in sexual intercourse to excess. He both chewed and smoked tobacco.

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variable speed and variable grade treadmill, an elec-

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the third for suppurative appendicitis, and the fourth for cancer of the

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legiances. Loyalty is the cement of a soeial system,

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fixed on a spike of the area railing, and he had been suspended upon it.

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directed a bolster to be placed under his head, as a means of support against

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trouble to restore the part to its place, and when it had been restored, there was

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climbing on my knee, and by their mute yet winning confidence giving rise

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to a Harvey, Hunter, Jenner, Simpson, Donders, Helmholtz, Pasteur,

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labors in the Mannheim Lying-in Hospital, from December, 1892, to

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the spinous processes and laminae. The posterior arches of the eleventh and

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the brain is often aifected sympathetically; this condition is manifested by

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our ordinary text-books on medical jurisprudence. Much new material in the

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cated they might compromise on two departments — one

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latitude. But beyond the age of 90, we find the reverse of this.

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or violet hue ; posteriorly they are of a violet colour, more deep towards

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A HE CONCEPT OF peer review — practicing physicians evaluating the quality of

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165, but during convalescence his temperature was not above 100° F.,

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malignant ; the second, its condition after rupturing the capsule, when it

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yielding a fetid odour, were found on the arm. The gangrene soon spread, and

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second line thereof between the word “Secretary” and

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having reference to the phenomenon attendant upon the entire section of the

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involved from the start, they become so by extension. The catarrhal

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