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the post-mortem examination demonstrated, that the disease was constitu-
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pain which results from such pressure is severe and lasting, but it is confined to
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Fiirbringer, in his classical work, " Die Inneren Krankheiten der Harn
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DOW severed, an incision with a small catlin was commenced at the axilla,
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them the appearance of globules of pus. Leg below knee much better.
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questions about whether incentives to minimize costs
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1939 — Atlanta — Mrs. Warren A. Coleman, Eastman
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an appearance quite different from its ordinary one, being finely villous; and this
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Miitter Museum of the College of Physicians. My aim has been to estab-
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tion will equally apply to chorea occurring in families or individuals inheriting
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the premium on such bond to be paid by the Associa-
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press out all its gelatinous material, and a sterilized ligature is then applied.
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toms of gastritis. — Dr. Tschudvs Travels in Peru.
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employment of such a person, and in choosing him to
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persons, however, and in those of individuals who have suffered much from con-
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in which the outer layer of the germinal membrane begins to fold itself
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the sodium bromide and chloride, or in alteration with gold and sodium
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Orleans Journal, that the lungs do not collapse as usual when the sternum
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solution, in a former communication to this journal, on the infrequency of
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little attention to its therapeutic use, being carried away by their zeal for
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light hair, &c., become much more readily tuberculous and phthisical than
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ness; they should therefore be first incorporated with a few drops of water in a
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others between this coat and the muscularis mucosa. The arrangement of
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Committee on Medical Education. — Dr. Alexander H. Stevens, N. Y., Chairman;
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In some cases they undergo a calculous transformation, and they then con-
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say in this month’s President’s Page with the above in order for you to know that
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“It is expected that the chairman will work closely
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if hemorrhage occurred severely after the seventh month, he repeated, was
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" Under the influence of a system of salutary discipline and uniform kindness —
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be assumed to have already reached a degenerative stage, and the chances
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House Rules Committee. On the last day of the ’72
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In reference to the case last mentioned, Dr. Kirkbride makes the following very
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and when associated with other diseased states of the system, as in the

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