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except the head, were constant. From the second joint of the left forefinger to

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of specialties to a particular risk category were ar-

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this he considered to be the attendance of medical associations. A con-

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of Dr. Christison." Martin Solon "found the lungs tuberculous in four

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James N. Brawner, Sr., M.D., Trophy . . Mrs. Charles R. Smith

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I proceed to the proof of its identity with scrofula. This identity, I

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Papain (from carica papaya). In catarrh of the stomach, carcinoma,

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of the lingers are bent; the right thigh bone is curved forward into a semicircular

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Presented at the 117th Annual Session of the Medical Association

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We have already referred to the interest evinced by a large number of

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porphyria: clinical demonstration of a genetic defect in

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determine, and remove a piece at a time. Of course, where the jaw has

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sonality of any normally developed individual stud-

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that the section should not be carried too deeply into the submucous tex-

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derive, in a great measure, their views of the nature and treatment of

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than increased by it.* In fact, it was about the only drug that did appear

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secured, were brought out to the nearest point of surface to their place of

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late residence on Sunday, October 21, 1894. His health had been poor for

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man after primary actinomycosis of the alimentary tract. The middle of

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was agreed that cases got well without operation ; and also with operation.

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the autopsy of scrofulous persons he almost invariably found the bile more pale

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firm this impression have produced quite inconsistent

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the real dangers in voting for a bill of the type spon-

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or any other stage of the disease. We once witnessed a case in which

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bathing is not removed (by leaning the head on one side and drawing the

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