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53 Hallowell on Endemic Gastro-follicular Enteritis, [July
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of Toronto is divided into two electoral districts, viz., No. 10, or East
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than to such as should more properly have ranked as the type of com-
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day the same. In a few hours more the patient became delirious, and
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have no obvious exciting cause, or may result from exposure to cold, from dys-
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weak, the lazy, or the impatient fall out, but do not let us lower our stand-
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lief in witchcraft among the superstitious and of con-
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In these cases Grube allows potatoes at least twice a day in moderate
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delivery, as blood had been lost and the patient was weak, unless it was
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large number of dependents, the total cost of basic
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tains more than that in any other disease, the pure phlegmasiae excepted.
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experience in such a resort, where consumptives flocked from all quarters
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tion for his 10 years of service to MAG as Treasurer.
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temperature, with moisture, would appear to favor the spread of the dis-
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A man's reputation, earned by hard and conscientious work, can easily
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toms associated with the fall in temperature — e.g., profuse perspiration
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heretofore latent diseased condition in distant parts. We have various
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in the uterus, in cases of Fallopian impregnation, BischofF combats, by observing
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will give the most prompt and satisfactory result, viz., repair of the
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been informed that the doctor who simply undertakes to attend the
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Case i. Shot in the back close to spine. No trace could be found
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edge of the latter was thinned and in parts irregular, and presented depressions
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are slow, unsatisfactory, and frequently unsuccessful.
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were not evinced in its action on the gums. I proportion the doses so as
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cavity is not large, but may be made larger, if necessary, by continuing the

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