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Another example of aneurism of the vertebral artery is mentioned by

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distressed barque safely to her haven of rest " ; and so with us, though we

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was satisfied, that there is no one form of cell which can be considered as at all

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College, London. By Thomas Watson, M. D., F. R. C. P., &c. &c. Third Ame-

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In response to cordial invitations certain Canadian physicians have

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line, no contractions whatever occurred. This admits of explanation by a refer-

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brains may not be strained, or are we to strain our brains that surgery may

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ging produced by too great tension is thus rendered naught, the rapid tearing of

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cannot be too much reprobated. Just in proportion to the good they are capable

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crasias have been reported; early clinical signs such as soi

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pass through it. How long in the present case this was forming, it is impossible

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( e ) MAG efforts to amend the bill to restrict its application to those physicians

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Cases 3 and 21 were presentations of both feet, and both the children

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it exists in large quantities in the pneumonic sputa; (5) there is reason to

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trayal of the best in human nature.” (This appeared

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time which elapses between the incursion of pains which continue with

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shut up with the air under its hatches. We can also understand that either of

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of the right side and paralysis of the left continued.

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shall mention as isopathic with it, is hydrocephalus, or probably more

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great severity, of seeing a cure effected; and even in the second stage, when the

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cystic fibrosis. However, in the setting of a selected

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findings were determined by the fact that they were

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Injections are of much use in this complaint, though only, indeed, of temporary

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7. All original motions on resolutions shall be made

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