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skin, but invariably increased the itching, so that this form of treatment

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with exuberant granulations at a third, and exhibiting a tendency to heal at a

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as existing. The anatomical thought, according to this, extends far

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Plan as pertaining to physician and mental matters of

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dead body ; but when this examination does not give a practical result the

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because the disease has produced no visible changes in the parts attacked ;

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our profession whether he ever saw or heard even of a wound, though no

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back under pain of seeing the patient perish on the instant. The compresses

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light hair, &c., become much more readily tuberculous and phthisical than

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After four or five days the sore mouth ceased, the tongue became clean ;

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extirpated at the earliest possible stage of the disease, the death of the patient

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vera, is characterized by hyperplasia of all the cellu-

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for the evening — The Chicago Gaslight Road Show.

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rise to pyrosis and many other forms of dyspepsia, that those difficult cases arise

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ledged by all, is at once a proof of its reflecting power.

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times an opportunity, which they would not otherwise have, of obtaining permanent

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The chief experiments touching the action of ether upon the nervous centres

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away with the strong impression resting in the mind of every man that nothing can.

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that this was a most effective way for a physician to

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instance there are two distinct foramina on the left side.

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Under the name of croup Dr. W. very properly remarks, that two very

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denly became deeply jaundiced. There was no fever, and the appetite remained

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