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referred to derangement of the digestive organs, demands. The chapter upon
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auto-infection with fever followed. The difficulty corrected itself during the
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tain, risk from decomposition and suppuration at site of placental attach-
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apex, leading into the cavity of the peritoneum. The leg of the chair having
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and douching seriously interfere with rest and pressure as described, and,
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for three years, although she still has some cramping
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consumers are not always able to judge the service, and,
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Although usually not serious, gastrointestinal disturbances
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capable of propagating itself indefinitely when these circumstances exist.
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for healing, and even those that had previously healed would break out again, and
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states that he has known many instances of recovery, even when the erup-
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Saundby also gives directions for the preparation of cocoanut cakes :
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upwards and outwards, and at nineteen his vision in that eye had decreased so
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be met in few countries; contrasting sadly with their present altered aspect after
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sists of albuminous substances which have already been digested, and is,
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has previously undergone some change in its properties by means of a chemical
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the death rate being about the same for both sexes.
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lian organism, and in greater proportion than in the blood. All of the
azithral 200 syrup side effects mg
ticular organs — and the modes in which it may prove fatal — its nature,
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used in which the needle is passed through an inter-
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be cut off and become approximated was the peritoneum ; the next that
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and sometimes the forearms, with pure guaiacol. According to different
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ences Schmitz thinks that the origin of the disease is not the same in
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treatment here received, gradually recovering, but in regard to its mind,
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injury to the spinal cord, that there was no effusion of spinal fluid, but
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Hugel C. Guelph, M.B. — The members of this year's graduating class

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