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Census of the General Government in 1840. These returns are m.ore full than
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ined. A far better system than the huge asylum would be separate small
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was it to be done ? What happened in the first attack of appendicitis ?
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lative ideas and dangerous innovations. . . . There
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count was 7,500. The pertinent findings were limited
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Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Toronto ; Obstetrician to
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that it has shown a very commendable zeal during recent years in its per-
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herent, it might hence be considered as a precious expedient, and be frequently
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eye in a state of disease, and especially in a state of inflammation, that informa-
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by means of affusion or sponging with cold water and vinegar, was almost
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to whole inflamed surface, and change them every hour. Anodynes at
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to, opium, or some one of its preparations; it is particularly adapted to
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upon, then the patient was sure to die. But when the patient had reached
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are told with more confidence than^veracity ; healing by inosculation, by
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more tumid; the patient had enjoyed a quiet sleep, and begged something more
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all physicians who desire to acquit themselves creditably when they " get into
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way, Beaverton ; R. J. Hastings, Guelph ; D. H. Hogg, London ; N. W. Harris,
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Exercise stress testing has become an important aid in assessing the physical
azithral 500 uses uti
placenta could not have been removed in this way, and there would have
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cord by the phrenic nerve, &c., offers in their stead the following sensible observa-
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the bile was caught, and he was kept dry, and from March nth the quantity
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that as soon as the secretion of urine commences, there is a necessity for its

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