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Most of the Ratanhia exported to Europe, is obtained in the southern provinces

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tion in the male, so castration in the female is deemed a sexual mutilation

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cost of relatively little radiation whereas fluoroscopy delivers a lower resolution

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representatives at a national level and some fine representatives at a local level who

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the MAG Journal print an annual reminder of license

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risky profession, and the incomes of men derived from investments which do

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thickness, density, toughness, elasticity, vascularity, the surrounding attach-

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THE Ontario Association is always delighted to see our dear friend, the

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In the superficial or lacunar variety, the inflammation was terminated

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chanical hinderance, and produce stagnation in the circulafion of the blood ; a

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production of mischief; ibr these cases could not be fairly allied to the ordinary

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and the carious portion of the sternum began to granulate. A return of the secre-

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Trikresol is a mixture of the three isomerides, ortho-, meta-, and para-

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parturition. More attention ought to be paid to girls about the age of

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standards for admission to the study of medicine, and a shorter and easier

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in this city, and is a useful remedy. The gums should be carefully ex-

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Dr. C. A. L. Reed, of Cincinnati ; Dr. Duff, of Pittsburg ; Dr. Joseph

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sponsible for the production of iatrogenic disability

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five or six inches broad, soaking through the cover into the mattress

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lowing account of the other is condensed from a communication made to

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Past President, the two preceding Immediate Past Presi-

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AMA — Directed the Treasurer and Executive Direc-

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