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state, with a view to the investigation of the phenomena of life in the, animal
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The third section is devoted to the diseases of the respiratory organs.
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and to those interested in health careers. I believe that
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Each section of this volume has been well written by its respective editor,
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points synchronous with the beating at the fontanelles. The fontanelles
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nate. In the language of Pasquier, he is apt " to think there is nothing
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of drug (carcinoma of the pancreas or other biliary obstruction
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of the least disagreeable methods of applying cold water. It causes a
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lieving small-pox and scarlatina, in their first stages, at least, to be analo-
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opium, and five grains of extract of hemlock, to be given at night. He
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troductory of last session ; whilst in the regular lectures of the course, on
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speedily as possible, its specific effects upon the system, has been viewed
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over the country whom you think might have influence
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order by Speaker Harrison L. Rogers, Jr., M.D., At-
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of which are formed of thick folds of skin, resembling somewhat the
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side. As in all such cases, the teeth were somewhat loose and greatly dis-
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did all that was claimed for it, the discovery would be hailed with satisfac-
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doses q.i.d. and attempting to keep the urine at an
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settle their claim against the negligent driver? Should he also say that he would
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of training them ourselves in our own colleges and universities, and in such
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A detailed report of two cases by Le Dran, in which an incision was made into
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children were of the translocated type. In each family
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conditions and the malignancy and number of the invading streptococci.
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crescences, &c., should have been mistaken for malignant growths.
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enthusiastic antique car buffs and it is planned to allow
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stitution, Aug. 5th, 1847. By Prof. Dewey. Pittsfield, 1847. (From the Author.)
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and, in case of its failure to accomplish the object, to proceed at once to
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with drunkenness, with asphyxia, with apoplexy, save the state of insensibility;
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rule are present in the child after six months of age,
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month previous, commencing with dimness of vision in one eye, and gradu-

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