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typhus which raged in Breslau in 1737 ; the great majority of those treated

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cloudy; and on the seventh, there was purulent discharge from the tense and pro-

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ide of iron) is an indication that a strict diet would be dangerous. The

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vestigations of the French physician, however, are confirmatory. — Lancet, June 26.

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Passing over the earliest nations, who all acknowledged by their customs

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ledge toward one goal — conquest of heart disease. Medical volunteers have used

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tion," but he himself is inclined to think that the diminution of renal

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wound, I also found him entirely deaf in the left, and partially so in the

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sions in the base of the " liver-tongue," placed so as to form a wedge-

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Abdomen. — Peritoneum lining abdominal muscles moist, and of a pearly

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the autopsy of scrofulous persons he almost invariably found the bile more pale

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sulfonamide hypersensitivity; pregnancy at term and

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portion of bone is separated from the sound one? The other view, as stated in

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of recent formation, adhering but slightly to the inner surface of the ventri-

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The vesico-vaginal septum consists of two distinct walls, applied to each other,

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soon after the individuals had left their beds and previous to eating. The

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Dr. Todd, in an article before alluded to, in which he maintains that

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Medicine (including Physical Diagnosis and Diseases of the Skin), and Poisons.

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strong and excited pulse, blood should \>q taken from the arm, to the amount, in

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applicant is the only one or one of a few in the same

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assimilalion of the albuminous principle, and often gradually run into one another.

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bination of any known agents, such as heat, cold, moisture, dryness, electricity,

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Dr. McW. states that the natives, not naturally brave, had no hesitation.

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known to occur, drink with his friends in congratulation of his fortunate

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They are subject not only to a bleeding from the gums, but fiom other parts of

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present himself before us entirely sans-cuiotte, and he is likely to receive

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Would you discuss the histology of this lesion. Dr.

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icine, Washington, D.C. John P. Wilson, M.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors

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