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of partaking of such food. Safety appears to be secured by excising the wounded
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but distressingly aggravated at different periods of the day. It is probable, that
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out the influenza. If the lung complication be at all extensive, quinine
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the iodides, bromides, and turpentine. Often these eruptions can be
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take on the entire administrative department of State
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funds to assist hospitals and ambulance operators to
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If the hemorrhage from a wounded liver is of sufficient magnitude to induce
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sociation. Address reprint requests to Martin J. Frank, M.D., Eugene
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The advantages this plan offers are — the gentle pressure exercised by the
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Operation, Jas. F. W. Ross, Toronto, Ont.; (3) Relation of Hysteria to Struc-
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ous to employ all the means in our power to overcome as quickly as possible that
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the patient, the body weight, and the quantity of urine and nitrogenous
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nancy (to protect the fetus against possible depression of
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less painful and annoying to the patient then when unguents are used. The ten-
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and pot. chlor. given, and throat sprayed with carbolic acid (i in 60).
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your representative in the Medical Council of Ontario, and for again
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sider decidedly objectionable in every stage of cholera infantum, notwith-
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there than elsewhere, and that, properly conducted, there is no depressing
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Third District — Mrs. Clayton Taylor 2710 Auburn Avenue,
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tion was clearly the ultimate goal of these expendi-
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was the necessity of shutting the mouths of old women, who scared the
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to take a hand in wreaking such a terrible vengeance.
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greatest interest to the urologist and importance to the patient. Owing to

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