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the idea of crushing and compressing the bones of the base as well as of the circle

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acromioclavicular joint on the right side. On neuro-

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Presented at the 117th Annual Session of the Medical Association

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omental adhesions, that everything is open to the eye, and that any injury

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briefly from remarks of Dr. Otto Page, Past President

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it is up to their doctors to take the lead and see to it that they get what they should

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doubt; or whence this regular catamenial discharge, and all those attributes,

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In two-thirds of the cases there was more or less violent hemorrhage

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" In persons of a scrofulous constitution, I have observed," says M. Rayer,:[:

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GG-2 tablets contain 100 mg. glyceryl guaiacolate; 130 mg.

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again be transformed into that body ; it is a new substance which Leibig pro-

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valleys of the higher Alps, I saw an old cretin, who was stammering a

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this might not be the case. He had used, for dilating the os, Barnes' dila-

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and enthusiastically accepted MAG-sponsored confer-

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Committee a resolution to encourage Departments of I

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