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six children ; all were boys, and dead. This woman, who
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Diminution of odor is an indication of want of functional
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the patient should be given the aid afforded by this efficient medic-
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dappled with yellow or black spots. Increased dullness, loss
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number of different proceedings. You will draw equally
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on the writings of Dr. Scudder and more recent authors, includ-
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in this connexion. They prove that certain habits tend to
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Solanum has been somewhat extensively employed in epi-
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schemes. It must therefore soon engage the interest and the sympathies
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Stylosanthes elatior is uterine sedative and tonic.
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cow be witli calf, and how far she is along. In a week
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or symptom — that is very common, and a successful agent for
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with widening of the subcostal angle, but the inspiratory widening
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ated chapped appearance. From their situation, and the
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he is made, and what he feels like in different parts. He should
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apparent. The drops in temperature produced by this remedy
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vessel perfectly clean. Urine may be alkaline when first voided,
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cal journal, accompanied with the wonderment of the
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standard of health as soon as the acute stage is passed. It
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accept as a proved fact that infantile paralysis is a contagious
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tine strife, stained with the gore of brethren. Humanity
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of temperature has passed above normal. If temperature is not

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